Monday, January 31, 2011

Movie Monday: Undercover Blues

Undercover Blues is one of my all-time favorite movies, which is to say that it is actually my favorite movie but I"m too ashamed to admit it. Unfortunately, I have not been able to track down any pictures yet because... well... no one actually cares about this movie but me! My love for this movie knows no bounds. If you expect to be considered a member of my family you have to watch this movie and when you tell me that it's bad I will assuredly tell you that you're just joking. If you really want to show me that you love me you will watch this movie with me multiple times and you won't even be mad that I say the lines with the actors and actresses half of the way through. In truth, I probably have the entire movie memorized, although I'm not sure that's something I should admit to publicly. And when I read the Wikipedia page on this film just a few minutes ago I laughed throughout the entire article.

I first watched Undercover Blues when I was seven or eight. I don't think I was supposed to do but I did and I have been in love ever since. I'm fairly certain that this movie was not well-received by most people but they just don't realize what they're missing. What do I love most about this film, you ask? The characters and the actors who play them.

Dennis Quaid plays Jeff Blue, the husband in the husband/wife spy team of Jeff and Jane Blue. Jeff can fend off a mugger with a knife while holding his baby in one arm, but in pretty much everything he comes second to his wife in terms of knowledge and skill. He readily admits to that as well. One thing he does have is his wit and his charming smile.

Kathleen Turner plays Jane Blue, and lets just say I would not want to get into a fight with her. However, if I needed to someone to defend me and I was best friends with her (because, of course, I would be) she'd be the first person I'd call.

Stanley Tucci plays Morty, a mugger intent on taking the Blues down. And while you're cheering for the Blues, a little part of you cheers Morty on as well.

Honestly, between these three characters I can't tell you which is my favorite. I don't think I have one. And the actors play their parts perfectly. I won't go into detail but the supporting cast is also fantastic. I hope, if you ever have a free hour and a half and the inclination to watch a funny film, that you'll give this one a shot. I don't expect anyone in the world to fall as madly in love as I am but I do hope that these characters will at least touch your heart in a small way. They are totally worth it!

Life has been busy recently but I'm hoping to make more appearances than just popping in once a week for Movie Monday. We'll see how that works!

The movie cover was taken from Wikipedia.

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  1. I actually think it's really cool when you truly love somethign most people don't care as much about - I guess it shows that you do have a distinctive personality and not afraid to have your own opinion and go against the mainstream. Or at least, that's what I like to think! Ha :) I have the same thign with my most fav. book evah - I have never met another person who would be equally as smitten lol It's "The Hero of Our Time" by M. Lermontov. Russian writer and poet.